Why is damp proofing so important?

Damp proofing is a term used to describe the various treatments that can be applied to prevent damp occurring in both domestic and commercial properties. If there is no damp proofing in place or if it has not been correctly installed or the damp proof course has been damaged in some way, then there is […]

The Benefits of Installing a Tanking System in your Basement

Prevent Water Ingress for a Useful and Useable Basement A basement adds value, convenience and kudos to any home. But only if it is properly waterproofed with a tanking system. In the current economic climate, there is a strong tendency for homeowners to improve or extend their existing homes rather than risking an uncertain housing […]

Why It’s Important to Get a Basement Waterproofing System Installed the Right Way

Ensuring waterproofing is efficient with a long-lasting tanking installation When creating a basement space or embarking on a dream basement conversion, water is the big potential enemy, so it’s vital to ensure an effective waterproofing system is installed. Methods include cavity drainage systems, sump and pumps systems and cementitious systems commonly referred to as tanking. […]

How to Keep Your Basement Conversion Dry

 Avoiding Damp Problems in a Basement Conversion  Converting a basement can be the perfect way to expand your living space, particularly in city dwellings. But keeping it dry is not always easy.  Extending down is on the up, and nowhere more so than in the capital. Since 2013, the number of planning applications for basements […]

Reduce Interstitial Condensation Damp with Waterproof Render

Interstitial condensation is a form condensation that occurs in the wall itself and can’t be seen until water damage is caused. Waterproof render can be used to combat it. Combatting the ‘invisible’ damp threat when walls can no longer breathe It’s said that condensation issues affect around 15% of properties, and with the more recent […]