If you’re experiencing a build-up of wet or dry rot in your property, it’s vital that you act sooner rather than later.

Contacting Ward Waterproofing Services puts you in the hands of a team who has the experience and expertise to deliver effective dry and wet rot solutions that not only stop the problem in its tracks, but that also focus on the long-term preservation of your property.

What’s the difference between dry rot and wet rot?

Wet rot is often considered the least ‘aggressive’ type of decay.

It is normally localised – ie, it will only appear in an acute area of your property – and it will normally only occur in very damp timber that has consistently been exposed to water. You’ll often find that wet rot occurs as a result of a leaking roof or the build-up of excessive moisture on your window frames.

Dry rot, on the other hand, is much more difficult to deal with. It occurs when a particularly destructive fungus finds its way into dark, damp places. Over time, it will cause the affected timber to shrink and soften, and could therefore significantly weaken the structure of your property.

If left untreated, both dry and wet rot can cause extensive damage to your property that will become increasingly difficult to repair. If you spot blackened, crumbling timber, or you’ve noticed a pungent, mushroom-like smell emerging from a particular area of your property, it’s time to call our dry and wet rot specialists for advice.


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