Ward Waterproofing Services work with an experienced team who provide timber treatments to include a wide range of damp proofing solutions, woodworm treatment, wet and dry rot treatment and timber preservation techniques.

Timber that has succumbed to rot or decay can cause a great deal of structural problems within your property – especially if it is load bearing. Our job is to identify the cause of the damage, then develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will ensure we not only eradicate the problem straightaway, but also protect your beams from future damage.

What to expect from the timber treatment process

Weak, damaged or decaying timber can be dealt with in a number of ways.

Before prescribing an effective course of treatment, our experienced surveyors will need to visit the property and carry out a full analysis of the problem at hand. Only then will they be able to suggest a timber treatment that’s going to yield the best results.

Timber resin repairs will replace decayed ends or mid-sections of timber beams, frames or joists that have succumbed to an aggressive infestation of rot or woodworm. This is the most cost-effective option for customers who are reluctant to replace the rest of the timber, which may not be damaged at all. We’ll often need to employ this timber treatment method when dealing with older properties with heritage characteristics that need to be preserved.

If your property has fallen victim to woodworm, we’ll need to treat the problem at source by administering an insecticidal treatment. The product will permeate the timber to kill all wood-boring insects, from eggs to fully grown adults. What’s more, the treatment will future-proof your property by safeguarding the timber from future attacks.


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